Do you dread going away on business or pleasure because your loved one(s) may not be able to accompany you. In todays world it is difficult to burden family and friends with the care of your special friend(s).

Does your heart break when you think of kenneling your loving and loyal pet--images of a sad and, many times, frightened little face(s) looking out upon the world through bars!! The cold and unfamiliar place where he or she can be subjected to emotional trauma and/or diseases from other animals. I too share my life with furry and feathered friends and understand the horror one experiences when my best friends are left in unfamiliar environments.

Pet Sitting & Home Care

An ALTERNATIVE to boarding and/or kennelling your loving pet in strange environments. Allowing pet sitting for your best friend can prevent any unwanted illnesses, disturbances to his/her mental state and most importantly, your best friend(s) happiness will be fulfilled.

AGIUS' HOME PET CARE: can provide you with these services and more. The following are the basic services offered:

  • Bring in mail and newspapers (loose advertisement items)
  • Yard cleanup, litter box cleaning and indoor "accident" patrol.
  • Feed your pet(s) per your instructions and provide fresh water with every visit.
  • Check that your home is secure and safe from hazards.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, spend time during every visit loving your special friend(s) as I do my own!

At your request, additional services can be provided, many at no additional cost

For example:

  • Give medication (insulin, fluids & others)
  • Alter lighting and draperies.
  • Water a few indoor plants (they are pets too)

Dorothy Agius would love to meet you and your friend(s) to arrange the services you require while you are away from home.

Call me for more information and we can schedule a pre-service meeting

I will

  • Come to your home at a convenient time.
  • Give your special friend(s) a chance to "pre-approve" me!
  • Arrange all details and pick up your key.

...and that's not all, what about those days that you are scheduled to be away from your beloved dog for more than 10 hours or so, wouldn't it be nice to have someone, who is full of fun and love, stop in and take him/her for a walk, to blow off some steam. Then, when you return, you will find Buster or Fluffy content with their day's outing and you can kick off your shoes and enjoy a relaxing evening at home with your best friend. Ahhhh, what a life!!!

Travel is no fun if you worry about you special friend(s). Let AGIUS' HOME PET CARE ease your concerns, because...

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