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My name is Dorothy and I am the owner of Agius' Pet Services. The following gives a brief description of my family, how I acquired my knowledge and the services I plan to offer in the near future.

Life at the Agius-Bennett residence is exciting -and in abundance. My husband and I are blessed with the presence of three canine friends (Vinny, Brigit & Angus), three feline friends (Bowie, Rosie & Frankie) and lastly our guinea pig, Oreo.   Being one who has the pleasure of sharing life with such adorable creatures, I understand the importance of knowing that the little darlings are getting the best care available while my husband and I are away from home. This is one of the many reasons I decided to become a pet caretaker. Because I understand that different creatures have special needs and depend on their human friends to fulfill them, I pride myself on my reliability and sensitivity to these special needs. Creatures of all types tend to know I care a great deal which helps engender a positive experience for all.

Ever since I can remember, I have had the deepest appreciation and love for furry, feathered and scaley friends. Now that I am an adult, the only thing that has changed is the depth of my knowledge and understanding of other beings and their natures - but the love has remained as strong as ever!!! Since joining the work force, I have always pursued work that involves Gods creatures. My first job was as a clerk in a pet store. Soon after my hire date, I begged to work in the grooming department in order to increase my contact with the dogs and cats. My second experience working with loving creatures was as the manager of a dog kennel. This experience did not last long. Two weeks after my hire, I resigned. The concept of kenneling did not agree with the voice of my conscience. In June of 1997, I opened Agius' Home Pet Care in Northern California. What a treat!!! Pet sitting has been fulfilling beyond my wildest dreams. I am able to have more interaction with the pets and give much more TLC!!! As a petsitter I can share my life with as many animals as I choose without upsetting my husband or our household--YAHOO!!! Best of all, is the response the "Parents" have had after returning from their trips. I am always told that "my clients" appear content and peaceful when their "Parents" return from their travels.

In addition I have developed as a behavioral consultant. I hope to help "Parents" and pets improve their relationship, appreciate their uniqueness and coexist lovingly. And, if you are like me and would enjoy having your loving friend immortalized in art, I will also be offering pastel portrait paintings.

I wish great health and happiness to all and look forward to making new friends and cherishing old ones.

Warmly ,

Dorothy Agius-Bennett

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