Martin Green's review:


My wife teases me that i love my dog more than I love her. It's not true, of course, but I do love my dog! I needed a dog walker but I was not going to trust anyone with her. So I started looking for a good person and a good service.

I met Dorothy Agius at the Grape Street dog park one day and she was so respectful with her dogs that I asked her if she could handle one more dog, mine. Dorothy is the owner of Agius Pet Services. My dog is deaf and requires special handling. Dorothy was actually excited about the challenge.

For nearly three years now Dorothy has picked up my Daffy Dog 3 days per week and taken her to the park with her pack. I can't even describe how happy Daffy is when she sees Dorothy. She LOVES Dorothy and I think Dorothy loves her as well.

I have 100% trust in Dorothy and the services that her company, Agius Pet Services, offer. Her prices are very reasonable and she is a very nice and interesting person.

So if you need pet services I highly recommend Agius


Leigh Galyon's Review:


I have 2  six year old Shih-Tzu dogs who I refer to as my "babies".  Dorothy has been my dog walker/trainer/sitter since my babies were 4 months old.  I do not trust people easily when it comes to my babies.  Dorothy is one of only 2 people walking this earth that I trust to take care of my babies on a daily basis and when I am out of town.

Dorothy is very knowledgeable about dog behavior which is a critical skill for any dog walker/sitter.  I do not think it is enough to simply hire a person who loves dogs.  You need a person who understands dogs and who can control them in any setting.  Dorothy is this person.  My dogs are anti social and fearful of other dogs.  Yet, with Dorothy, they can walk safely and comfortably with many other dogs, all of whom are significantly larger than them.  This is because Dorothy is a skilled trainer.  All of the dogs in her charge know that she is in control.  Regardless of how they misbehave at home (and they all do) they will behave with Dorothy.

To any person looking for a dog walker/sitter, I highly recommend Dorothy.  I interviewed over 5 walkers before I hired Dorothy and none of them had the skills that Dorothy possesses.  Please, be smart in your search.  Ask questions.  If you do, I think you will find that Dorothy stands out from the rest.

More to come......

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